Brent Elementary School's "Outdoor Classroom" in Washington, D.C., is the final home of the U.S. Botanic Garden's Sustainable Schoolyard exhibit.
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Read the Hill Rag's coverage of the installation of the Sustainable Schoolyard at Brent Elemetary here.
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Concept Plan 

The Sustainable Schoolyard Exhibit includes many different systems:

  • solar features 
  • water systems
  • edible gardens
  • wildlife habitat
  • green building
  • waste as a resource

Each of these systems can be used to teach science, math, art, and many other

The exhibit design was completed by Bay Tree Design of Berkeley, California. Click here to view a PDF of the Concept Plan shown above.

Photographs from the Sustainable Schoolyard, as prepared by Bay Tree Design, are show below in the Concept Board. Click here to view a full-size PDF of the Concept Board.

Concept Board

Exhibit Posters

Click on the pictures below to view larger images of posters from the Sustainable Schoolyard Exhibit.

 Water SystemsSolar Energy Waste as a Resource 
Wildlife Habitat GardensEdible Gardens Think Green
Think GreenThink Green Think Green

Friends of Smart Growth and Sustainable Communities include the following organizations: American Farmland Trust, American Planning Association, Concern, Inc., National Association of Realtors®, National Association of Counties, The Cloud Institute for Sustainability Education, The Conservation Fund and the Smart Growth Network. They have formed this coalition with the intent to demonstrate healthy schoolyards as key elements of green, active and sustainable communities.

Friends of Smart Growth and Sustainable Communities would especially like to thank Bay Tree Design, Inc. for developing the concept design for the exhibit and for all their invaluable contributions to its implementation.

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